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  • 2021/02
    Happy New Year, Good luck and happiness to you!

  • 2019/02
    Happy New Year, Good luck and happiness to you!

  • 2017/01
    Welcome the Vocal Music Association of Zhuhai and foreign friends to visit
    Entering the new year, Keli greeted with new guests - the Vocal Music Association of Zhuhai and the Bblingen Youth choir from Germany. Chairman Wang Suhua led the company's senior management team to give a warm reception.In the meeting, the chairman of the company, Wang Suhua, welcomed the artists' visit, and heatedly discussed with the choir conductor and the leaders of the Vocal Music Associatio查看详细

  • 2016/12
    Heilongjiang Qiqihaer Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong visited Keli Electric
    December 13, 2016 Heilongjiang Qiqihaer Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong of more than 40 people came to Keli Electric to visit and study. The chairman of Keli, Wang Suhua , led the company executives team to bring a warm reception.Wang Suhua, Chairman of Keli, accompanied the members of the Chamber of Commerce to visit the company's product demonstration hall and production workshop. The staff of 查看详细

  • 2016/10
    Warmly congratulate the success of Keli Electric finalists the facilities procurement directory of POWERCHINA
    In October 2016, Keli Electric successfully passed the qualification examination, and became the qualified supplier of facilities procurement platform of POWERCHINA. POWERCHINA has 83 subsidiaries and the annual amount of facilities procurement bidding more than 60 billion yuan. POWERCHINA and its subsidiaries will release the tender information and publish the business of facilities procurement o查看详细

  • 2016/06
    Congratulations: Keli Electric acquired the " four level installation (maintenance, testing) power facilities ......
    Recently, Keli Electric successfully passed the South China Energy Regulatory Bureau of National Energy Administration of the People’s Republic of China review, qualified the ' four level installation (maintenance, testing) power facilities construction permit ' qualification.The power facilities construction permit is aimed at strengthening the management of the license for the installation, main查看详细

  • 2016/05
    Keli Electric won the bid of SASSEUR (Kunming) Project
    In May 2016, Keli Eletric successfully won the bid for the procurement project of high and low voltage equipment for the first phase of SASSEUR Outlets (Kunming). This is the second cooperation after the procurement project of high and low voltage switchgear of SASSEUR Outlets (Hefei). The product from Keli is appreciated by SASSEUR company, which laid a solid foundation for the follow-up cooperat查看详细

  • 2016/04
    Keli’s "magnetic blast arc quenching technology switchgear" passed the provincial technical appraisal
    April 10, 2016, the new product identificationKeli Electric independently designed and developed 24kV box-type fixed inflatable switchgear project which is based on the magnetic blast arc quenching technology, successfully passed the China Southern Power Grid and Machinery Industry Association jointly organized the identification of new products and technologies. For conventional 24kV switchgear, 查看详细

  • 2015/09
    Notice of suspension TSX.V:ZKL
    This will confirm that effective September 8, 2014, TSX Venture Exchange suspended trading in the Company's securities as a result of a Ceease Trade Order issued by the British Columbia Securities Commission. A copy of the Exchange bulletin can be obtained from the website at查看详细

  • 2015/07
    Analysis on the Future Development of Power Automation Market
    According to industry statistics, China power investment is less than half of the grid. Experts believe that, after we finished most of the power supplies and foundation work, China power investment will gradually focus on intelligent and distribution of power grid construction. As early as 2013 annual working conference in China 'development network-building is a matter of urgency', it was the fi查看详细

  • 2015/06
    Congratulations: Keli won the bid
    Warm Congratulations on Zhuhai Keli won the bid of Hubei electric power company's second purchase program in 2015.查看详细

  • 2015/06
    The leaders of the New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone came to Keli
    On 4th, June, the secretary of the hi-tech industrial Development zone, Zhang Yisheng, the leader, Zhang Jinghua, the leaders of the Human Security Bureau and Science Bureau went to Keli to have a factory tour discussion with Keli leaders; the chairwomen Ms. Wong accompanied them to take a tour of the factory, and gave them a better understanding of the buried substation during the following meeti查看详细

  • 2015/04
    Keli Electric 20th Anniversary Celebration" we move forward hand in hand"
    20th, April,2015, it was a historic day, on this day, Keli had its 20th birthday.The chairwoman Ms. Wong Suhua, the president Mr. Zhang Luming, the leaders of the Commerce, the distinguished guests, the suppliers of Keli, and all the employees, took part in this meaningfulhappy party.The champagnes and the opening salvos witnessed this historical moment. There were many kinds of shows, the most im查看详细

  • 2015/02
    Keli Had a Outward Bound in Gongle Park
    On 10th, Feb, 2015, Keli organized an outward bound training through the company, which named' passionpower'.On that afternoon, the employees went to the famousbeautiful Gongle Park to take part in the training program. Under the instructions of the trainer, each group finished the task successfully! Each group had6 or 7 people, they needed to cooperate closely to won the competition. The company 查看详细

  • 2015/03
    Power Reform:Power grid steps out of the trade, only charges for operation fees
    With the start of the Shenzhen trial scheme, a new round of power reform begins, power reform is the base of the economic development, and also the origin of the environment protection. This power reform makes great changes on power generation, transportation and sales, it is a huge investment chance in 2015. Power price reform, distributionpower grid construction work, the “software project”, mea查看详细

  • 2015/01
    Keli Held a Birthday Party for the Employees
    In order to show company's care and spread the company culture, on Jan, 21, Keli held a special birthday party for its employees in the B Block Tea Room. Although it was a small party, everyone enjoyed themselves in this warm party, they sang the birthday songs, blew candles, cut the birthday cakes, and gave each other best wishes. The chairwoman Ms Wong presented everyone with a greeting card a查看详细

  • 2015/01
    2015 New Staff Training Course
    In order to strength the safety management, improve employees’ safety awareness, Zhuhai Keli had a safety training course for the new staff in the meeting room on the 3rd floor A area on Jan, 15th, 2015.In the class, Mr, Wang analyzed the cause of accident by case study, cartoons narration, and he also taught how to prevent the incident and how to present the safety marks etc. He taught the first-查看详细

  • 2014/12
    Zhuhai Keli Marketing Department convened its 2015 Sales & Marketing Meeting
    Zhuhai Keli convened its 2015 SalesMarketing Meeting in the Year of the Goat. All the sales managers including sales representatives, sales directors, Branch Office managers took part in it. Ms Du Juan, the manager of Marketing Department, addressed company’s policy and all the sales predicated the marketing situation and goals in the new year. The meeting is held in a warm atmosphere, through thi查看详细

  • 2014/12
    Keli Electric Company signed the agreement with Foxconn Technology Group
    Keli Electric Company has signed the long term supply agreement with Foxconn Technology Group including 169 subsidiary corporations in 15th Dec 2014. Foxconn Technology Group which has over one millions staffs, as the 43th of top 500 companies in the world is the largest electronic manufacturer. Foxconn is gradually transferring the industry to Central Plain of China and establishing successively 查看详细

  • 2014/12
    2014 Annual General Meeting
    CHINA KELI ELECTRIC COMPANY LTD hold 2014 annual general meeting in company headquarters of ZHUHAI, at 16:00 on 19th December in 2014. Welcome shareholders to AGM at No.32 Jinfeng West Road, Jinding ScienceTechnology Industry Zone, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai, China.查看详细

  • 2013/04
    We offer a caring
    At 8:02am of April 20th, 7.0 earthquake occurs in Sichuan Ya'an Lushan County, which breaks many families to pieces all of a sudden. The whole company's employees took an active part in the donation activity and generously donated money to Sichuan Ya'an Lushan Earthquake Area. This fully shows our employees' caring to the people in disaster areas, reflecting the spirit of mutual help when natural 查看详细

  • 2013/03
    Congratulations keli Electric access to safe production license
    On March 2013, our company has gained Safe Production License, which gives our company to have higher requirements in the electrical installation services.查看详细

  • 2013/03
    Congratulations keli's equipped with intelligent control system to obtain type test report
    On March 2013, according to 'Typical Design Plan' designed by the China Southern Power Grid, which is a 'Fully Insulated Sealed Vacuum Circuit Breaker' switching equipment with an intelligent controlling system, has recently passed the national acceptance station test and got the corresponding product type-test report.查看详细

  • 2013/03
    Congratulations keli's low voltage cabinet by China Quality Certification Center 3C certificate
    On March 2013, our company's low-voltage cabinet GCS, GCK gain 3C certificates issued by China Quality Certification Center , which makes our low-voltage distribution cabinet's rated current go up to 4000A, and meet the requirements of overall equipment set for station-used equipment and large upscale residential area electricity projects.查看详细

  • 2013/03
    Congratulations keli sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaking capacity 25kA successfully completed verif
    On February 2013, with reference to the relevant requirements of Grid Company, our company's pure sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker (KLDSF), which has reached domestic leading level, has successfully completed 25kA breaking capacity validation tests at Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co ., Ltd, and achieved huge current breaking capacity validation under the condition of non-vacu查看详细
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